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Caroline Telfer

Soft Tissue Therapist, Holistic Core Restore® Coach & ScarWork Practitioner


Caroline retrained as a Soft Tissue Therapist in 2012 after a successful corporate career. Her interest and subsequent career choice stemmed from personal experience of the effectiveness of sports massage therapy to manage sports injuries and enable optimum training.  

She began her re-training at the highly regarded North London School of Sports Massage (NLSSM), where she developed her extensive tool box of both foundation and advanced massage techniques. She continues to build on this knowledge with regular Continued Professional Development (CPD),  exploring and gathering new techniques and skills to enable her to best serve her clients. This, combined with her natural talent for problem solving, has enabled her to excel at assessment and evaluation of her clients, as well as their treatment.


Caroline finds that the satisfaction that comes with delivering a treatment plan that allows a client to realise their goals is highly motivating. She says ‘’My work whether it is with a sports team, in a clinic setting or at major events provides a unique buzz and set of challenges; a mix that means it is always interesting. But by far the best and most enjoyable, aspect of my work is seeing the smile on the client’s face as they get off the couch, move around and realise they are no longer in pain’’.

In 2016 Caroline trained as a Holistic Core Restore® Coach which bring together her soft tissue skills with specialist rehabilitation programs for pelvic floor strength and co-ordination. She has added to this with specialist qualifications in ScarWork and Visceral Manipulation. The challenges of child birth, menopause, surgery or certain sporting activities makes this a highly valuable addition to her skill set for serving women throughout their various life stages.


A lifelong cyclist, on both road, and off road, a keen swimmer and qualified swimming teacher; Caroline brings her passion and knowledge of these sports into her work, and working relationships.

Qualifications & Memberships


  • Sport and Remedial Massage Therapy - BTEC Diploma -Level 5 (NLSSM) (2014)

  • Holistic Core Restore®️ Licensed Coach - Jenny Burrell (Burrell Education) - from Nov 2016

  • ScarWork Practitioner (2017)

  • Certified Oncology Massage Therapist (2018)

  • Swedish Massage - VTC (Level 3) (2012)

  • Gym Trainer Level 2 - Discovery Learning - Nov 2016

  • Sport First Aid Certificate (Valid 2019 to 2022)

  • Sports Massage Association – Full Member


Continuing Professional Development


  • Rock Tape FMT 1 & 2 (Rocktape)

  • Introduction to Muscle Testing - Chris Newton (Exercise Lab)

  • Sports Massage Association Conference 2014, 2015, 2017

  • The Mysteries of the Pelvis - Chris Newton (Exercise Lab)

  • Working with the Spine - Rachel Fairweather (Jing)

  • Pregnancy & Post-Natal Remedial Massage - Jenny Burrell (Burrell Education)

  • Functional Movement and Injury Prevention in Swimming - (South East Region ASA)

  • Exercise Prescription - Chris Newton (Exercise Lab)

  • The Complete Shoulder Workshop  - Susan Findley (NLSSM)

  • British Fascia Symposium 2016 & 2018

  • Hyper mobility Workshop October - Mary Thornton (Sussex Physio Pilates) - Oct 2016

  • Functional Running Assessment & Gait Re-Education - James Dunne (Kinetic Revolution) - Oct 2016

  • identification and Treatment of Breathing Pattern Disorders - Leon Chaitow - March 2017

  • Woman on Fire - Jenny Burrell, Michelle Lyons, Jessica Drummond - April 2017, 2018, 2019

  • ScarWork Practitioner (Sharon Wheeler's ScarWork by Jan Trewartha) - November 2017

  • Abdominal Visceral Mobilisation & Release - (Maria Elliott, Alexandra Antoniou & Jacek Kazberuk) November 2017

  • Optional Health after Hysterectomy On Line Certification (Burrell Education) March 2018

  • Advanced ScarWork after Breast Cancer Surgery (Emma Holly) March 2018

  • 3rd Age Woman Global Online Certification (Burrell Education) on going

  • The Female Athlete (Anthony Lo - The Physio Detective) May 2018

  • C-Section and Abdominal Scar Intensive (Burrell Eduction) September 2018

  • Oncology Massage (Susan Findley) January 2019

  • MenoStrength®️ Burrell Education May 2019

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Event Massage & Competitive Sports Experience


  • Rugby World Cup – Japan Rugby Union Team Post Training Massage (2015)

  • Australian Women’s Cricket Team (2015 Ashes Tour)

  • UKCycling Events (2015 & 2016 seasons) – Post-event massage at multiple South East Region Cycling Sportives and MTB Events

  • Castle Triathlon Series - Bastion Ironman (2015, 2016), Hever Castle Triathlon (2015, 2016)

  • ASA SE Regional Masters Long & Short Course Championships - Exclusive Event Massage provider  (2015, 2016, 2017)

  • Pre- event massage - Brighton Marathon (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016)

  • Post Event Massage – Brighton Half Marathon (2014, 2015)

  • Royal Parks Half Marathon (2014)

  • Post Event Massage – Brighton Brooks 10k (2013 & 2014)

  • Burgess Hill Town Football Club - Post Training Massage (2013/14 season) 

  • Mid Sussex Marlins –National Squad (Age Group) Selected Swimmers Massage Program (2013)

  • Event Massage - Neptune City Sevens Tournament (2013)

Working with the "Brave Blossoms" before their historic defeat of South Africa in the 2015 RugbyWorld Cup was a truly amazing experience. Read more...

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