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Holistic Core Restore® Specialist Services

HCR® Recovery 1:1
(Post C- section or Hysterectomy)

Abdominal surgery for C-section delivery or for hysterectomy is a very significant surgical intervention. It can affect how you move, breathe and connect; how your core and pelvic floor functions and your emotional relationship with this part of your body. Whist these surgeries are very common there is a significant lack of information and support for those recovering from these procedures. The journey back to full functionality and to feel that this part of your body is truly yours is at this heart of this program. Knowing how to prepare for and put in place the support network to give yourself a stellar recovery is a great gift. Truly honouring and supporting your body whilst it undertakes this transition.  


In addition to the support and advice for preparation and immediate recovery from surgery, the main body of the programme focuses on facilitating your return to full movement and core function. This begins with  hands on work (soft tissue, ScarWork and visceral manipulation) to release scar tissue and adhesions that can be caused by the surgery and which can restrict movement and hinder core connection.


We also address the muscular holding patterns that occur in response to pain and restricted movement. This is followed by the re-connection of core through breath work and coordination with the pelvic floor to restore good core function.


Exercise begins in supine and gently progresses to functional mobility and then loading as strength and co-ordination improve. This work is introduced with nutritional support and restorative strategies to promote optimum healing and recovery. 

It is always a bonus if the first session takes place prior to surgery. The the  client can prepare well and set themselves up with the best environment for a stellar recovery.

Recovery 1:1 program (6 sessions)                                      £347​


HCR® Diastasis Recovery 1:1

Diastasis Recti or the tummy gap typically occurs in the postnatal population. This is caused by the thinning of the central line of connective tissue (the Linea Alba) in the abdominal wall as it expands to accommodate the growing baby. This physiological change is a normal part of late stage pregnancy. In the the vast majority of cases, as recovery after birth progresses, the Rectus Abdominus return to their normal position and the gap is restored.

For some women, however, this does not happen and the gap can persist for many months or indeed years. It is important to say that from a functional point of the view the gap itself is not critical. Rather it is the ability for the Linea Alba in the gap to generate tension and transmit force across it that is key, because this is the part that affects good core function.


A diastasis that persists without good functionality can be a major factor in core dysfunction and can be linked to urinary stress incontinence and lower pack pain. It is also a big factor in the so called "Mummy Tummy", which can really affect how women feel about their bodies post birth. Often women assume that the "traditional" core and abdominal exercises are the way to go. Unfortunately these approaches make the situation worse and are not recommended.

The road to a diastasis recovery is different for everywoman but will contain a bespoke blend of soft tissue therapy, breath and core connection, lifestyle and movement advice, nutrition and home exercise prescription.  


Our diastasis programme combines a deep evaluation of your core function, posture and loading patterns together with an assessment of your ability generate tension in your Linea Alba in various loading scenarios. A care and movement prescription package that is unique to you will be developed in response to this and progressed through the sessions. The programme combines and 1 x 90min and 2 x 60 min sessions and includes all the kit you will need for your home care programme.

Diastasis 1:1 program (3 sessions)            £194 

EW 1:1

HCR® Every Woman 1:1

For clients that benefit from individual attention and the flexibility of choosing a session time to suit them, the Every Woman is available as a 1:1 package. This package is also very useful for those that have had abdominal surgeries, prolapse repair or breast reconstruction surgery, and require a more measured and bespoke programme for their recovery.  

Every Woman 6 week 1:1 program (6 sessions) - £317

Every Woman 2:1

(7 sessions) - £200

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