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Women's Health

Women's Health Services are delivered by Caroline Telfer the licensed Holistic Core Restore®️ Coach for Mid Sussex. Caroline is skilled in conservative exercise based rehabilitation techniques for a range of women's health issues, covering the weak and un co-ordinated pelvic floor, diastasis, minor pelvic organ prolapse, and recovery from gynaecological surgeries such as hysterectomies. She works closely with local women's health physiotherapists and has a strong referral network.

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Pelvic Floor & Core Rehab

Our Holistic Core Restore®️ Everywoman Programme available as a group or 1:1service.

Diastasis Recovery

Diastasis Recovery - getting postpartum tummies working well and feeling strong, changing how they look and feel.

Hysterectomy Recovery

Preparation and recovery from this major surgery taking you all the way back to full activity


Low impact, fat burning workout suitable for Everywoman graduates and those preferring low impact classes


Total Fitness training for Midlife Women. A circuit based workout targeting Strength, CV fitness, bone density and cognitive health.

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