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What happens when a Scar forms?


Scar formation is a natural process of wound healing. Scar tissue contains more fibrous tissue and collagen deposits than normal skin making it structurally and functionally different. In particular scar tissue is less elastic than the tissue it repairs. There may have been nerve damage from the injury or surgery causing numbness or sensitivity in the area.


How will ScarWork affect a scar?


ScarWork is done primarily to improve feelings and functionality in the skin and surrounding tissues, creating better movements between the layers of skin, fascia (connective tissue) and muscle. Treatments stimulate the circulation, lymphatic and nervous system to encourage renewed healing and promote tissue health.


Visually, cosmetic changes can occur: scars often appear smaller, lighter and less prominent but the emphasis is on the underlying tissue changes. The work starts with the surface layers and moves deeper into the fascial tissue under scar. ScarWork can help resolve nerve impairments or symptoms such as numbness, pain or sensitivity.


Changes that occur to the scar and nerve function should be permanent. Tightness in surrounding tissue is reduced, muscle function in the area can be improved. Knots and tight ropey scars are softer and loosened, ridges and holes can be minimised. Multiple treatments may be needed to gain the most benefit and response to treatment will vary for each individual.


Will it hurt?


ScarWork is not like traditional scar massage. It is rarely painful, even for new scars. Using a variety of specially developed movements, qualified practitioners will work on and around the scar. Although seemingly effortless, treatments can instigate whole body shifts were patterns of dysfunction cause by old or new injuries are released.


Which scars can be treated?


All kinds of scars from very old to the newly healed (and discharged by your doctor) can be treated using a Scar work. They could be the result of an accident, operation or cosmetic surgery.

I have undertaken specialist training in gynaecological and female centred abdominal surgeries with Burrell Education and in the specialist area of breast cancer surgery and reconstruction.  


Restriction and discomfort is reduced, ease of movement restored, feelings of reconnection and wholeness are established.  This work promotes both physical and emotional recovery from surgery. From here we can meaningfully transition into movement rehabilitation.


Treatments are generally 1 hour and are spaced 3 or so weeks apart. This allows the body to continue to adjust to the work between sessions. Treatment time and number of sessions depends on the severity and extent of the scaring, however a minimum of 3 sessions  is recommended.  Where there is a history of multiple scaring then it is advisable to deal with the oldest scars first.



1 hour ScarWork session     £65 

Package of 3 x 1 hours sessions    £180

Gift vouchers are available for all treatments.


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