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Pregnancy & Beyond 

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Pregnancy and childbirth is a time of immense change in a woman's body. The physical changes and the emotional demands are profound. Tiredness and discomfort can become a part of daily life. This is a time when woman needs to be nurtured and supported.


Good nutrition, appropriate exercise and well-focused body care are all important in a healthy pregnancy and set a new mum up for the demands of the post-natal period. At Muscle Balance we have the skills to “Pamper with Purpose” as our Pregnancy and Post-Natal Massage combines the advanced skills of the soft tissue therapist with detailed understanding of the demands placed on a woman’s body at this time.

Pregnancy Massage


This is a deeply relaxing massage experience. Our work seeks to ease the stresses and strains placed on the pregnant woman. Our principle aim is relaxation and the release of tension in key areas.


  • Overworked muscles of the legs and hips,

  • Areas of tension in the back, neck and shoulders 

  • Tiredness and aching in the lower legs and feet.  


We deal sensitively with the needs of the pregnant woman in our pace and positioning which allows us to reach these key areas with comfort. Cotton sheets protect modesty throughout and blankets provide warmth where needed.


Massage can help bring relief to common problems of the pregnancy, such as sciatica, lower back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.

"Thank you so much for the relaxation - it was lovely!!! I would definitely love to book in with you again post pregnancy, especially to help with recovery etc.  Thank you for the nutrition sheet - it's really useful to understand the benefits of certain foods……Thanks again, I won't hesitate to recommend you to all my friends and family!"


Shelly – Pregnancy Massage Client

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Pregnancy Massage Hurstpierpoint
Pregnancy Massage Hurstpierpoint

Post-Natal  Massage

Post birth, so much attention is focused on the new baby that the healing needs of the new Mum can be overlooked. Post-natal massage supports this process by providing a quiet window for soothing, nurturing and restorative therapy. Our principle aim is restoration and key areas of focus include:


  • Easing tension in the neck and shoulders from feeding and holding baby

  • Promoting the restoration of core function by encouraging the ribs and diaphragm to return to their pre-pregnancy position supporting the return of correct pelvic floor function.

  • Releasing the tensions in the hips and lower back that are holding the body in its “pregnant” posture allowing your normal posture to return.  

  • Assessing for diastasis and core function. 



“Pamper with Purpose” and allow us to support your return to good physical health. All soft tissue work at Muscle Balance is supported by appropriate homecare advice, to empower clients to care for their own bodies.


We allow 90 minutes for our pregnancy and post-natal massage to ensure that there is no need to rush or hurry through the treatment. We undertake detailed screening prior to your appointment to identify any issues that may require the treatment to be modified and adapted for your needs. Refreshment is available throughout and a nutritious snack is available if you are peckish.



Pregnancy Massage (90 minutes)     £75                                                      Gift vouchers are available here

Post-Natal Massage (90 minutes)     £75

Beyond Pregnancy


We offer a variety of service to help women recovery from birthing. 


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