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Muscle Balance Massage - where to next?

The month of May this year marks my 5 year Anniversary since I graduated from the North London School of Sports Massage and set up my business as Muscle Balance. There has been a lot of growth and development since then. Loads of new learning and most importantly lots of wonderful clients. It is my clients that I really have to thanks for where I find myself now. "Follow where your clients (and your heart) takes you", was the advice we were given. After having a brief flirtation with the notion that I would like to work in Professional cycling, I had a look at reality and saw that the clients I already served held the answers. Women mostly and women passing though the birth of their children and on into midlife. Surprisingly you don't learn about women in massage school. It is assumed that female bodies are in fact exactly the same a men's. You don't learn how women's bodies change during pregnancy, you don't understand the emotional and physiological changes that occur with childbirth or female centred surgeries. You don't have any notion of the hormonal changes that happen as we approach midlife and the menopause, how this affects your body, your connective tissue your wellness and most importantly you don't learn how to support and help women navigate through these significant events. Instead you have to seek out this information and training, so, over the last few years, this has been my mission. Now, five years in, I have a name that bears little relation to the focus of the work I do in massage, movement and Women's Health or how I use those skills to serve women during the big transitions that they have to make in their life.

It is time to rename and rebrand. It is time to really show case all this wonderful knowledge and serve the women of Sussex deeply.

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