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​​Women's Wisdom - Breaking Taboos

My sister bought me this book ages ago, it was about the power of wisdom in women and how we grow as we share this wisdom between friends and across the generations. I truly love this idea. Indeed this was how wisdom was shared for centuries before modern technology. I have been blessed with an eclectic range of life skills and wisdom handed down from my parents, however, there are always things that were not discussed, that are a little taboo.

One of the most interesting observations from our first Holistic Core Restore® course has been how those that attended are now starting conversations. Outside the class mothers and daughters are talking about pelvic health. The ripples of wisdom are spreading and one by one we are starting to break down these taboos and sharing knowledge. We are acknowledging and understanding shared experiences, and most importantly of all, learning how to take action.

I had the loveliest chat with my Mum today. She is the most extra ordinary woman. At 81 she still cycles (40-60 miles in an outing). She walks everywhere and even goes to a weekly circuit training class. Just awesome!

Given my work, we are now having proper, GROWN UP conversations about pelvic health. I feel very proud that she has been able to tell me where she is on her pelvic health journey and even more so that I am able to offer her help and direction. I also know that the most common reason for elderly woman breaking their hip is falling when rushing to the loo. Given the life changing issues associated with hip fracture, this not something I want for my Mum.

There aren’t many more powerful things that you could do in celebration of Mother’s Day than to share knowledge between Mother and Daughter. Knowledge about how you look after your pelvic health for LIFE is truly women’s wisdom.

So consider this as a true gift for all mothers and daughters.

The Pelvic Floor Workshop £20

2 - 3.30 pm Sunday 19th March 2017

Be-yoga, 1st Floor, Clair House, 3-5 Clair Road, Haywards Heath, RH16 3DP

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